Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waltz Marathon anyone?

The preparation for Cygnet is over. Both of the groups that I usually play with are done with their rehearsals and preparations. So, while this little pause is settling in, I'm launching that 'waltz marathon' that I've been threatening for awhile now.

The HOT Stringband played at a benefit a few months back for the Relay for Life team of the Folk Federation. There are lots of dancers on that team, so our association is a bit of a good fit. They asked if we'd also like to play music at the Relay event. So, I offered a waltz marathon.

Note, this is not going to be a dance marathon. We're just going to play as many waltzes as possible, until we run out of waltzes, time, or energy, which ever comes first. I guess there's always the chance that an Arctic wind comes up and we stop because we're freezing. "That's Tassie", I imagine someone saying.

Anyway, I have plenty of time lately to give this some thought and think about how to organize it. I'm trying an afternoon session and an evening session. There's about 4 weeks left before the event, so I figure we'll have a chance to try out many new waltzes.

Our Monday 'warm up' was hosted this past afternoon by one of the Stringband fiddlers. I'd suggested 1:30 to 3, but of course we stayed 'til a little after 4. Before I knew what hit me, we were playing a couple of bluegrass waltzes. Roxanna by Bill Monroe and Sweet Bunch of Daisies, both from the Fiddler's Fakebook.

I've got an application in to use a community room at a local health center for an evening group. Waltzing on Wednesdays or Wednesday Waltzing or some such. Maybe we'll get some folks who end up coming to the Stringband sessions.

I'm making a list of the waltzes that get played and taking notes. Might a good resource for the group at some point. Maybe I'll end up with a waltz equivalent of my OT tune list. Hmmmmm.

I'll keep you posted.

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