Friday, February 29, 2008

The Fakebook game

There's often 3 or 4 tunes visible when you open up the Fiddler's Fakebook and take a look. Sometimes I play a little game. I open up the Fakebook randomly and make myself play one of the tunes. I might play some same old favorite one each time I hit a particular page. But, often this maneuver sends a new tune out front and I stretch a little to figure out a brand new tune.

That's one of my credo's, if you will. Always learn new tunes. Always. Have a place where you jot down tunes that are on the back burner, so you'll keep better track of them. If you're only playing tunes that you've grown comfortable with, you're not growing. Some folks seem to think that they have a limited capacity for learning new tunes. It's not like a hard drive that's going to run out of space. There's lots more memory available in the human brain.

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