Friday, October 10, 2008

Old Aussie Tunes

10/29/2008 07:30 PM

Old Songs
37 S. Main Street
Voorheesville, New York 12186

I’ll share some tunes that I learned while I was in Australia over the past 3 years. Some special tunes and stories from Tasmania. The tunes are generally accessible for beginners, and there's some interesting links to the American old timey traditions.

Participation encouraged. Acoustic instruments welcome. Squeezeboxes and lagerphones encouraged. Listeners, too.

Small donation requested to cover the cost of the building.

This is part of the 'Make Your Own Music Night' series supported by Old Songs. There's a different focus each Wednesday evening. Being that October has 5 Wednesdays, I thought I'd grab a chance to play some of my favorite Aussie and Tassie tunes.

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