Monday, November 3, 2008

Greenmarket review

Great time jamming yesterday at the brand new indoor winter market in Schenectady, the Greenmarket at Proctor's. Kudos due to the hard working and determined board members and committee people who obviously put a lot of thought and preparation into this project, including a certain nephew and his family of whom we're very, very proud.

I'll be organizing an open old timey jam there each first Sunday from 10am until noonish. Open jam - everyone and anyone is welcome, so's long as you don't need amplification and so's long as you call tunes from the American old time repertoire. (Need suggestions? Click my tunelist link to the right.) Yesterday we had 5 fiddles, until Tom's bridge snapped in half. Ooops! Good thing he'd brought his mando, too. A superb banjo. A banjo-mando and banjo-uke, no less superb. Ernie's excellent bass runs on the guitar. A little flute from Tina. And, I brought out the D harp and the Flea uke for a few tunes. Quite a good showing from some Pine Hills String Band members. We split the tip hat for gas, and had some treats donated from some of the vendors. What could be better? The Greenmarket music coordinator had all the ducks in a row, with comfortable armless chairs all ready in place for us and advance publicity on the market's calendar page.

Nice write up in the Times Union. There's lot's more music scheduled. Check out the amplified performers upstairs and look downstairs for the acoustic folks. And, stop by and say hello when we're there. We love chatting with folks about this homegrown music that we make. It's nice to have a locally grown venue to make it in.


Bill Ackerbauer said...

I was at the GreenMarket this Sunday for the first time. Great jam! I'll be back.

Ter said...

Hey, Bill. Bring your geetar, eh?