Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's nice

If my memory serves me right, I last changed my fiddle strings back in July. Lately, it's become more of a hassle to tune and to be satisfied with the tone I'm hearing from them. I've been thinking for a few weeks now that it was time to slap on some new strings. Was that ever the right thing to do!

I freely admit that I don't clean off the rosin each time I put my fiddle back in the case. More likely, from time to time I rub the strings on my jeans when I think of it. There's folks who have their favorite fluid that they use to clean the strings, and who knows? Maybe one of these days I'll improve on my fiddle hygienic practices.

That all said, I've got some brand spankin' new Prim mediums working and I'm happy, happy, happy. The tone has improved exponentially. I've got no ties to the Prim company. Just a very satisfied customer. It's well worth the 30 bucks every 3 - 6 months, seems to me. I hear the voices on the various fiddle forums crying "How can I improve my intonation?" I guess one answer is "spend 30 bucks and put some new strings on".

Yeah, I'll have to tune a little more often as the strings get used to their new tension. And, I'll gradually work them up to an AEAE cross tuning. Other than that, it's been my experience that the Prims can take all the cross tuning that you throw at them. I do try to remember to loosen them back to standard at the end of a session. But, other than that, I've found them to have an excellent life span considering all the gymnastics that I put them through.

Oh, and, another reason why I put the new strings on... I'm going to be making another visit down under soon. Time to play some old time with the Aussie's at Yarra Junction. And, then a hop down to have a play with my lovely Tasmanian muso friends. That'll tide me over until I get back to the US in April in time for some warm festivals in the northern hemisphere. I'll try to get some photos and sound files up. Stay tuned and cross tuned for that.


Felicity said...

Hey Terri
We're really looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne & at Yarra Junction. AND after three days of temperatures around the mid 40's I organised for someone to turn the temp down just for your arrival. Heatwave is over. So hurry up! We've sorted out a tent and bedding...just need you, your fiddle and some toe tappin' tunes.
See you in Melbourne.
Jacq x

Gabe McCaslin said...

Makes me think about some new strings myself... it's been at least 6 years for my poor old fiddle!

Ter said...

6 years! Good value, eh? :-)

Thanks for stopping by.