Monday, April 27, 2009

Old time alive and well at MerleFest

I just have to correct something that I wrote in the previous entry. I'd said that MerleFest could have had more old time. Well, that was before I spent almost the whole day in the Traditional tent on Saturday. Getta load of this line up:

Fiddle and Banjo Together

Clack Mountain String Band, Paul Brown, Rayna and Dan Gellert, Violet Hensley, Brad Leftwich, Tom
Sauber, Gail Heil, and New North Carolina Ramblers

Passing It On

Rayna and Dan Gellert, Violet Hensley, Brad Leftwich, Loretta Freeman and Lynsey, Paul Brown, Robert Dotson, Phil Jamison, and Rodney Sutton

Smokey Valley Band (their fiddler is Benton Flippen)

Respected Elders

Joe Thompson with Violet Hensley, Robert Dotson, Clint Howard, Benton Flippen, Tom Sauber, Brad Leftwich, and Paul Brown

Tom, Brad, and Alice

Alice Gerrard coordinated this program. She deserves a huge round of applause.

In between the concerts and workshops that I listed here, I went a few yards over to the traditional jam tent and played some fun tunes. So, there was plenty of old time at MerleFest, both concerts and jamming, to keep me quite happy.

Icing on the cake: On Sunday, Violet Hensley came out to the 'hands on' tent and played with a small group of fans. It was up close and personal. What a treat to have a chance to meet her and her family. The high point for me was a chance to play "Uncle Henry" with her. She told me that "Uncle Henry" was not the real name of the tune. I'll have to listen to the recording to get the tune name correct. I'll post it when I've had a chance to listen to the recording again.

Stay tuned.

Next stop, Black Creek Fiddler's Reunion outside of Albany, NY on Memorial Day weekend. See you at the registration table jam session.

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