Monday, June 8, 2009

And, speaking about Old Songs

The Old Songs Festival is fast approaching. I went to the volunteer meeting yesterday. An annual event where Andy and Bill Spence keep the volunteers up to date with the latest news. And, the annual taking of the picture with all the volunteers. It's fun to look back over the years on the photos that are posted in the building in Voorheesville.

We got our tee shirts with a really cool graphic of a banjo with roots growing out the bottom. This year, what could be better? There's a spotlight on American old timey music! Jimmy and Ada McCown, Lisa LaPrelle, Red Hen, Donna Hebert, singing, dancing, workshops, jamming. There's something for everyone. Even Hokum Hawaiians. The complete day time schedule is online.

I hear there's room for more volunteers this year still. It's an extra special way to experience a festival, seems to me. Only 8 hours, a free ticket, discounted camping and yummy creature comforts, and extra memories.

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