Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking back

Ahhhhh a three day weekend. Just what I needed to collect my thoughts. I tidied up my music room last weekend. Still more to go, but it's given me a chance to sort through some old recordings, play along on my new keyboard and get to know my upright bass a little more, and to get organized in prep for the upcoming Jam and Sing Thing. I've got a couple of workshops and structured jams to get ready for. Time to give a little thought to what tunes to play and what to talk about. I've got a little notebook in my pocket constantly and another one next to the keyboard to jot down tunes and anecdotes.

This "new year" sorts of rumination has me going through old collections of tune lists and sheet music. And, as you'll see below, I've had a look at my fiddle resume. What a fun walk down memory lane. Thanks to all of you who helped me along this path. Because I don't consider myself to be a performer, I'm thinking that listing the activities that I've taken part in might help my credibility a tad. Not so much as an expert or perfectionist, but as a self-directed learner and trainer and old time fanatic, with a streak of Australian flavor.

9/18/2004 - Old Timey duo w/ Joe Kopera at the Ole Turtle Farms harvest celebration

9/27/2004 - Old Timey pick up band at Smitty's for the Town of New Scotland Plumfest

10/17/2004 - Pick up band for Quaker volunteer weekend contra dance

10/30/2004 - With Spare Parts at the Albany Gender-Free Contra Dancers

Dec. 03 and 04 Troy Victorian Stroll

6/14/05 - Perfect Blend cafe jam, Delmar, NY.

Dance Collage - with Tasmanian Heritage String Ensemble at the Buttongrass Ball

12/05 Brookfield Vineyard blackboard concert with Tom Crosbie (New Year's Eve)

Cygnet Folk Festival Jan 2006
With HOT Stringband
With Tasmanian Heritage String Ensemble

George Town Folk Festival Jan 2006
With the Hobart Old Time Stringband

Weekly Irish sessions at the New Sydney Hotel as often as possible in Hobart, TAS.

4/22/06 Brookfield Vineyard in Margate, TAS with Ampersand from Chatham, NY

6/29 Pelveratta Pick - in TAS as Terri and Co.

8/11/06 Artful Strings - Exhibition opening at the Rosny Library

Old Time jamming at the Lark Distillery and the Salamanca Green

Maldon Blackboard with some HOT Stringband folks

Brookfield Blackboard 12/06 Brookfield Vineyard blackboard concert with Tom Crosbie

Fundraiser jam for Amnesty International Dec. 8, 2006

Geeveston Bakery Jams with Keri Smith and Tom Crosbie Jan. 07

SolFest workshop w/ Fred Pribac discussing Hillbilly Zen

Busking at the Hobart Summer Festival

Cygnet Folk Festival Jan. 07 - Workshop on Appalachian tunes

Web fun started in 2007:
Jammer website online
Fiddlejammer blog online
Podcast started

Wooden Boat festival w/ the HOT Stringband

Yarra Junction - slow jam Feb. 17, 2007

Feb. 25, 2007 Contra band workshop with Dave Bartley followed by a dance with HOT Stringband pickup band

Feb 26, 2007 1/2 hour on Evenings on ABC Hobart with Annie Warburton and Peter Hicks - played Chattanooga and Bound to Have a Little Fun from Yarra Junction 2007 field recording.

Bothwell Highland Spin-in March 3, 2007 w/ the HOT Stringband

Troy Farmer's Market w/ the Pine Hills String Band - April 28

Troy Farmer's Market w/ Ampersand - May 26, 2007

Moon and River Cafe w/ the Pine Hills String Band - May 31, 2007

Open Mic at the Muddy Cup with the Pine Hills String Band - Summer 07

Delaware Ave. / St. James Farmers Market Solo - Summer 07

2007 Music Festivals in the US
Black Creek 2007
Old Songs 2007
Harry Smith 2007
Went to Clifftop 2007
And, Lake Genero 2007

Solo'd at Troy Farmer's Market Aug. 18, 2007

With the Hobart Old Time Stringband -
Dance to benefit the Green Party Oct 3rd, 2007
Ross Landcare Association Awards Night Oct 21, 2007
Contra Workshop by Rob Mahoney of the Canberra Contra Club.
Then, played with the Hotties for a contradance in the evening 11/24/07

Harrietville Bluegrass and Trad Music Festival 11/15 - 20/07, the year of the cicadas.

Appalachian-style jamming workshop at the Cygnet Folk Festival, TAS Jan 2008

Cross Tuning workshop at the Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention Feb 2008

Organized Waltz Marathon at the Relay for Life event, Feb 23rd.
When: 4 Wednesday evenings - 30 Jan; and 6 / 13 / 20 Feb

Also played at the thank you dance, May 18th

Pelverata Pick 2008 - Blackboard organized by Valentine Whitaker on the Harmonium

Summer 2008 with the Pine Hills String Band
Java Jazz
Emack and Bolio's
Guilderland Public Library Family Fun Days
Shakespeare in the Pork

Coordinated venues for Capital District's Fiddlers' Tour August 2008 – Dec. 09.

Went to Fiddle Hell, November 2008

Started the second Wednesday OT jam at Bread and Jam in Cohoes, Oct. 8, 2008

Started the Schenectady Greenmarket OT monthly jam sessions Dec 08

Slow Jam at the Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention, which was moved to Blackwood, VIC Feb. 2009

A couple lucky guest spots with Coyote Serenade at the Lark Distillery in Hobart, TAS.

Started Aussie Bush Band Jam sessions at the Old Songs Community Arts Center in Voorheesville June 2009

Jamming Delmar Farmer's Market - Summer 09

Four Corner's Luncheonette – duo's with Ron Whitford and Paul Draper 2009

And, here comes the Jam and Sing Thing in Jan 2010, then more fun jamming with the Tassie musos.

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