Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And More!

More Jam and more ...

Here's the draft schedule. There's a full screen view mode. Look for the international symbol of full screen-ness. There's lots of good stuff going on, but since this is my blog, let me just say, have a look to see when my Aussie Jam is scheduled. Also New Old Time Tunes and Playing Old Time By Ear. More info here.

Fritz Stafford and I are doing a workshop about tech and music. Fritz knows about editing sheet music and generating sound from notation. My expertise is about digital field recording. Between us, we can find just about any tune in any key anywhere on the internet. And, the venue this year has -tada- Wifi. So, we won't have to squint to see my little laptop like we did last year. There can be a large screen display as well as people following along on their own internet accessing devices.

Here's a tour of the venue and directions.

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