Monday, February 28, 2011

More Fresh Tunes

Here's the first batch of tunes from the Blackwood festival.

It was great to catch up with folks and there was some good playing going on!

Jesse Wells from Kentucky taught some good tunes. I particularly enjoyed his playing of Rats Gone To Rest, Rebel Raid, and Bumblebee In A Jug. All this time I've been struggling with Bumblebee in D. Well, [smacking my head] that's 'cause it works real good in C. Duh. Thanks, Jesse. Lesson learned!

The other thing to report is about Greg O'Leary's old time Aussie workshop that featured Tom Walsh. Tom has handed down many tunes to the next generation and it was so nice to shake his hand and say thanks. Greg and Tom taught Tom Walsh's Polka #1, aka "Why did I kiss that girl?", using dots. Then, "Step It Out, Mary" by ear. To spread the tunes around some more, the Newport Bush Orchestra has some more dots and sound files online at My Old Songs Aussie Bush Band back home is already finding new favorites there!

Up next is Yarra Junction, early April. I'm up to do a 'Playing Old Time By Ear' workshop. Looking forward to that as I've put a lot of thinking into it lately. My friend dropped a copy of "The Music Lesson" by Victor L. Wooten in my lap the other day. That brings it all together. It's a tad mystical, but then, isn't playing tunes also?

Stay tuned.

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