Monday, January 7, 2013

I was going to write a new tune

to commemorate the apocalypse. But, time got away from me. I'll have another chance, I guess. But, seriously folks, I've gone and got myself a day job. So, my time is somewhat spoken for. I'll still be available for workshops and Skype rendezvous evenings and weekends though.

I was wondering what sort of newsy bits I could put up here, and a workshopper gave me some verbiage just in time. Some really nice news coming out of our Fiddle Hell workshop...

 "Been working a lot on droning in the past year but usually only on tunes that I felt I could do so successfully. However, I was inspired by the last beg-Int OT jam at Fiddle Hell where you had us all replay Soldier's Joy but with drones. I had given up playing that tune for awhile, but that little exercise rekindled the fun I can have with it. Now, I try to throw in drones and chords on all tunes I play, if I can. Some are still too hard just to get the notes, but most have plenty of opps for me to grab a 2nd string or throw in a chord. It's been paying off. It's made playing Soldier's Joy fun to play again, and I have gotten comfy playing light drones (where I want them) on Moses, Hoe Your Corn (from Lake Genero)." 

 Always nice to hear that I've helped someone get a boost. Thanks for writing!

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