Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome jammers and curious folk

Thanks for stopping by. I intend to make this blog a resource for fiddlers, particularly adult beginner fiddlers. More generically, for musicians interested in Appalachian style jamming. Appalachian style jamming is a style that encourages some of the musicians to change the tuning on their instruments, most often the banjo players and fiddlers. Banjos and fiddles most often will change out of standard tuning. They will tune in ways that sound best in a particular key. So, at Appalachian style jams, the musicians will stay in the key of D, for example, for as long as they care to. Why bother? Lots of reasons!!! I hope to expand on that question in the posts to follow.

Feel free to comment on my posts or suggest things that you're interested in learning about. If you have information to share - say about festivals or what's going on in your neck of the woods - send me an email and I'll give it some space here. I'm especially interested in how people learn to play the fiddle or play any instrument "by ear". Tell me what is like for you to learn about playing music with other people.

If you think you'd like me to organize an old time, appalachian style jam for your event, there's more info here.

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