Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuning for tunes in the key of D

Just to put it down visually here:

Standard = G D A E

D tunes   =  A D A E

Just one string change.

Release the G string peg slightly, then raise one whole step.

That will pull the tail piece ever-so-slightly to the left, generally flattening the D A E strings a tad.

So, truth be told, all of the strings will need a little tweak to get them all in good tuning.

But, you'll be happy with the sympathetic ring of the low A and the handy open drone.

Go ahead, you know you want to. :-) Give it a try with some easy old standards. Some may or may not even use the low A string for melody. If you do need to use the low A for melody, your brain will adjust after awhile to the fingering. I bet ya!

Try some of these:

Angelina Baker

Black Eyed Susie

Bonepart Crossing the Rhine

Golden Slippers


Mississippi Sawyer

Soldier's Joy

Sugar Hill

Hey, no peeking at the dots, eh? Dots will only cause you to have to translate. Without the dots, you only have to perceive finger positions.

See my February 3rd post below, for cheerleading and tuning tips.

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