Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well it had to happen. All these social networking pages now a days! How's a girl supposed to keep up with it all. We'll see. I decided to use MySpace to promote the various jams and gigs that I'll be joining in on. I'll still be musing here and reviewing some of the gigs, so stay tuned. And, you can always find the link to my tunes pages and tune list if you come back here to the Fiddle Jammer blog home page. Look over in the right hand margin here abouts.---->>>>>

In the Old Timey department, next up join us at the Bread and Jam Cafe this Wednesday for an open OT jam. This jam is especially good for beginners interested in the old time jam format, cross tuning, and recording new tunes to learn.

In my spare time, I'm learning more about playing the fretless banjo. And, my little Flea ukulele. Stumbled upon some YouTubes teaching clawhammer uke. Wow! How serendipitous. So, the banjo and uke learnings rather complement each other. Yes, they're tuned differently, but the right hand rhythm and finger control are quite similar. I"m experimenting with various picks and press on nails to save my clawhammer fingernails. I really enjoy learning more about instruments non-fiddle. Helps me to know what the banjo players and chord-ers are talking about. Eventually, I hope I can get a little stronger about knowing what chords to announce for folks who need that sort of info at a jam. Search for 'chord hat' on YouTube sometime to see a unique solution to this problem.

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