Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fresh Festival Tunes

I've had the chance to post a few appetizers on my TUNES site. Enjoy and check back from time to time. I'm online when I can find some free WiFi here in Hobart, TAS, where I'm based for the next month. But, I'll try to get more tunes posted soon.

A huge round of applause to the organizers of the 27th Yarra Junction Fiddler's Convention and the folks at the Blackwoods Caravan Park for a very successful effort. They arranged to move the festival further away from the bush fires, and we were welcomed quite graciously by the community around Blackwood.


bj said...

Oh good, I'm glad they moved you. I know that we who live up north treasure moments spent in the south in winter, but there is such a thing as too hot!

I know you're crooked, so check the FHO forum when you're connected.

John said...


Thanks for the tunes at Blackwood, I liked that "Moon over the Hill", and also your advice on the Zoom H2recorder.

Best regards.


Ter said...

Hey, John, thanks for stopping by. I'm still working on that Moon Over the Hill. There's a pretty good version on my Lake Genero 08 page, by the way.

John said...

Forget my last post.
Found Lake G 08 under "workshop handouts".