Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lunchtime Jamming and such

Well, things are wrapping up here for this visit to Hobart, TAS. Time to fly north again soon.

The pot of music gold is still full here. Last weekend was full of workshops, concerts, and dances headlined by the Montreal band, Crowfoot. Do not miss them if they come your way! I learned some new Quebecois and American Old Time tunes. And, the HOT Stringband taught a few trad Tassie tune to the Crowfoot folks to take back home with them.

The regular old time session is still happening in Cygnet. So, that's where I'll be on Sunday. Who knows? Might even do some effin' tunes ... that'd be with the fiddles in FCFC. :-)

I put some lunchtime jam tunes up on my tunes site. Enjoy!

Next stop with a little luck and good timing, Merlefest.

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