Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Instant String Band

A couple of 'Instant String Bands' in the works.

First up is the member appreciation dinner for the Honest Weight Food Coop this Sunday. (This is a private event for member workers. Consider getting a membership, if you're local to Albany and not a member yet.)

And, later in the week on Friday evening, in Tasmania, at the acoustic night show at the Brookfield Vineyard.

What's an 'Instant String Band', you might ask? Well, so much of American old time music is jam-based that a bunch of players know enough tunes in common. It's easy enough to find players who'd like to participate, work up a tune list, and voila, there's your band.

We'll have an open jam after the concert at the Brookfield event. Come on along, if you're in the neighborhood.  :-)

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Ter said...

Another Instant String Band in the works for the morning of August 18th at the New Baltimore Farmer's Market. Let me know if you'd like to join up.