Sunday, February 5, 2012

Down under down under

Spending some concentrated quality time with my friends in Tasmania once again. I have to admit, today I am fiddled out. Spent all day and part of the evening playing tunes on Friday. And, lucky me, spent most of Saturday jamming at a birthday party for a banjo player. Even though there was lots of fun bluegrass, we still found time to stay in one key for long enough to get our old time on. I'm stretching now-a-days and trying to sing. It's encouraging to hear folks sing along. Gives me more confidence and positive reinforcement to ham it up more and more.

There was a Celtic session today, but I had to pass. Just needed to get a little common sense rest in.

I found the tip protector from my bow on the kitchen floor today. I thought it was a little floppy yesterday. Darn. Hope I can get it glued back on soon. Worth it to have a spare in the case, even though it'll take some getting used to.

I'm spending some time exercising my brain around a web site upgrade for my festival recordings. I'll keep hammering on that and let you know when it's ready for prime time.

It's worth it to follow those tunes that catch our interest, seems to me. I have a short list of those tunes that I've been working on and get a kick out of spreading them around down here. Wild Goose Chase, Cold Icey Floor, Logieville Two Step, Coleman's March, and Sandy. I chased Going Back To Fielden from Dirk Powell since my last visit here. Friends mentioned it last time, and it was worth the chase.

Stay tuned.

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